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Conheci esse final de semana o Cafè Babacay. Entrei despretensiosamente e me encantei com o lugar. Excelente ambiente, música e pratos. Nao posso tambem deixar de elogiar o atendimento. A moca que servia foi extreamente gentil e dedicada.
Melhor lugar para desfrutar minha ultima noite em Montevideo. Pretendo voltar!

Adriana Siqueira.

Café Bacacay captures the atmosphere of a typical rioplatense café and dresses it up in elegance, with an international menu of scrumptious sandwiches and salads

¨Viva travel guides¨

Many people go to Café Bacacay on their way out from Solis opera house.  The only design-café in the city. You may listen to blues or ethnic music. Artists and politicians, as well as publicists or connoisseurs go there.

(El Planeta- Buenos Aires, November 1997)

Amid the weighty grandeur that typifies the city’s food and interiors, Café Bacacay is a breath of fresh air. Montevideo being a vegetable-free zone, owner Regina Rebmann nonetheless manages to find enough roughage to keep her menu light and luscious. Fresh, too, is the sleek, cool interior and the hip clientele that whiles away steamy afternoons  people-watching from the cute sidewalk terrace.

(Wallpaper- London, June 2000)

Café Bacacay was a pioneer in the pedestrian crossing.

(Suplemment 02 of El Observador newspaper- Montevideo, April 5th, 2003)

Housed in an 1844 building, Café Bacacay opened in 1995 and has become the first restaurant in the most popular booming area of Montevideo, ever since. Café Bacacay offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent local and international dishes, where you may listen to selected music, and find customers of all ages.

(Pimba! First anniversary special edition- Montevideo, August 2003)

A busy, popular bar on a busy, popular street, which is always busy. If you`re in Montevideo on a sleepy day, a Saturday afternoon for example (!), Café Bacacay is where it’s happening, and you won’t be disappointed.


The chef knows exactly what he is doing in the restaurant. You will not regret visiting Café Bacacay. Not only because of its reasonable prices. There is a great price-quality relationship and it offers a very good and efficient service.

(Galería magazine, Diego Seckbach – Montevideo, August 8th, 2003)

YOU CANNOT MISS IT: You will find everything you could imagine in Café Bacacay (even Calvados brandy)

(Placer magazine- Montevideo, April 2004)